Sponsoring Children in India

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Dear Uncle 

I am Blessy writing to you.   We are so happy when you and friends from UK come to see us and thank you to all Chiks there for making our lives more better and fun.  My friends here and me thank you and the Lions for good place to live and now a medical centre here.   Every day was great worry in my family before I come to this Home.   

Please come again to see us soon with your friends.   It is so happy time. Varsha who you know* is now gone from here and with her mother again and she wants to be here for your next time coming.   So I will tell.   Thank you for writing to us and I hope you get this letter soon. 

Your loving Blessy x


Sisters Harsha and Varsha, sponsored by the club during much of their time at the orphanage are now back with their mother and using their education through Chiks to help the family out of poverty.